Nama Lengkap: Muhammad Zamzami
Nama Populer: Izam d’blues
Tanggal Lahir: 20 Juli 1991
Tempat Lahir: NAD, Banda Atjeh
Pekerjaan: Penyanyi,Produser rekaman, Aktor
Genre: Hip Hop
Instrumen: Vokal
Tahun aktif: 2009–sekarang
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The Motherfucken’ OC Car Mixer/SOC 1-Year Anniversary Meet 2012 Coverage…Part 1 of 2…

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The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

Style Over Comfort celebrated their 1-year anniversary event this past weekend at the new VIP Modular facility over in Garden Grove, California. Anh and Chris have always been big supporters of The Chronicles so I wanted to make sure to return the love by checking out their event. The weather has been dreadful here lately, by Socal standards anyway, so there was a fear of rain leading up to that Sunday. The meet was going to happen rain or shine either way but even so, as an event organizer, you’d prefer that there not been any uncontrollable factors affecting the turnout of your event. While many are willing to make the drive in the rain, there are some who aren’t and many who are worried about driving long distances to get to an event in the rain. I woke up early that morning because I decided to bring my car…

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